Haute Maurienne Vanoise, known for its majestic mountain landscapes and exceptional natural heritage, is taking a giant step towards decarbonizing tourism mobility in its territory with the simultaneous launch of seven multimodal transport booking platforms.
The 6 resorts are now offering their visitors a journey facilitator enabling them to book all transport tickets in 1 click, in a single basket and with a single payment, via MaaS technology ,
, developed by Antidots.
In addition to the central Haute Maurienne Vanoise platform, each of the destination's resorts now has its own booking platform: Direct Valfréjus, Direct La Norma, Direct Aussois, Direct Val Cenis, Direct Bessans and DirectBonneval-sur-Arc.
For many years, Haute Maurienne-Vanoise has been committed to reducing its carbon footprint, by setting up a public transport network that covers the entire territory during the high season. Today, the region is thinking bigger.

Thanks to Antidots'MaaS (Mobility as a Service)technology, 360°SmartMobility, visitors can now program, book and pay for their journey from anywhere in the world, combining all modes of transport (plane, train, bus, cab, car rental), right to the heart of their destination, while opting for the most virtuous route. For each itinerary calculated, CO2 emissions and transit time are displayed, enabling travelers to make informed choices for a more environmentally-friendly trip, while controlling costs and journey times.
This project is fully in line with the transition vision adopted by Haute Maurienne Vanoise in 2021, with a strong ambition to change mobility practices for all, visitors and residents alike, all year round. The fruit of a partnership between the Communauté de communes, the communes, the ski lift companies and the Tourist Office, the launch of these seven platforms is tangible proof of the strong commitment of an entire region.

"With the 360SmartMobility solution proposed by Antidots and Agence Savoie Mont-Blanc, it will be easier for visitors to come to our region by means other than the car. In just a few clicks, visitors will be able to book their train ticket and bus/taxi/rental car to get from their home to their vacation accommodation, choosing the route with the lowest CO2 emissions if they wish.
We hope to bring about a change in usage!

Eric Félisiak, Vice-President of the Communauté de communes, responsible for mobility.

"We're particularly proud that Haute Maurienne Vanoise and its 6 resorts have chosen our technology to offer their customers a simple, high-performance mobility solution.
In just a few months, dozens of resorts have already adopted our solution. Our development, and in particular our significant presence in the mountains, as well as on the coast and in all other areas where there is a train station, means that other players are now aware of the challenges that our technology meets.
Our solution encourages greener mobility, and this small gesture can help to stimulate a profound change in habits and behavior towards greater awareness of the environmental challenges linked to mobility. Behavior is always the result of an ideal and a constraint, and we have chosen to simplify the customer journey and propose less carbon-intensive offers to hope to change purchasing and transport habits."

Philippe Massonnat, Associate Director, Antidots Interactive